Rabbit Vibrators

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Double your pleasure with Rabbit Vibrator

Vibrators main focus is either the g-spot or the clitoris. However, since most women want to achieve greater pleasure, Rabbit Vibrators was developed and in fact became popular. Just like a rabbit, this vibrator comes with two main prongs, more like a rabbit ear. One can be inserted in the vagina and the other one massages the clitoris. These two actions are simultaneous. Two types of pleasures can be experienced at the same time. Double the vibe action, double the sexual satisfaction. Whether you are beginner or not, you can have a rabbit vibrator and pleasure yourself to orgasmic satisfaction.

Rabbit Vibrator for anal stimulation

Some rabbit vibrators have equal length of “ears”. These ears can be used for vaginal and anal penetration at the same time. More experienced users love these rabbit vibes. However, some adventurous beginners are curious to try it as well. These vaginal and anal vibrators are getting popular nowadays with a steady increase in sales. Just the same, always keep them clean.

Have fun with your Rabbit Vibrator

These rabbit vibrators give pleasure and sexual satisfaction to the users. Keeping them in your drawer beside your bed gives you easy access anytime you need them. A ready set of batteries should also come in handy so you won’t ruin your excitement with a powerless vibe. The different vibrating and rotating actions gives you the much needed pleasure. Without your batteries to run the motors, these rabbits become a lot less efficient.