Lotions / Lubes

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Lotion and Potion bring added sensuality

A great way for a satisfying sexual experience is to begin with an explosive foreplay. Setting the mood of your partner for more intense action requires not just the visuals but also how your move and tease the other senses. Touching is the best way to lead your partner to your desire.
Sensation brought about caressing one’s body heightens the sensitivity and enhances the person’s response to stimulations. This is where lotions and potions come in the picture. Depending on your desired amount, apply the lotion on your partner and start to give sensual massage. Soon, your partner will be relaxed and you will notice that he or she will become more submissive.

Lube up for smooth sexual action

Sexual actions should bring pleasure and not to make you feel uncomfortable. It is not enough to entice your partner visually but also to give stimulators to the other senses. Even with sex toys. Apply lube and get your toys sliding into you easily. Lubes reduce skin friction thus less or no skin abrasion will happen. Natural lubrication may not be enough to last you till you orgasm or til you want. This is where the lubes come in. Lubes provide added slick making you more slippery. Lubing up extends your sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Love potions keep your partner under your spell

Potions are special type of lotions that contains aromatic ingredients that are believed to heighten libido, sexiness and arousal. Ingredients include pheromones for natural human attraction. These potions are getting popular as more and more people agree that they had their sex lives improve as they use potions.
Our senses are the primary sex organs and stimulating them is guaranteed to bring you better orgasm.