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Get more with one Sex Kit

Our sex kit is a package of sex toys that go together. In our adult online sex toys store, toys in a kit are packed with a theme. For theme about bdsm we have chains, whips, cuffs, gags are some of those included in the kit. Some kit contains five, while some contains 6 or even more. Combination of cock rings, butt plugs, beads are also available. For added style, they are also color coordinated. These kits are must-haves, not only for beginners, but to the experienced individual or couple as well.

Our kits are available at competitive prices. We guarantee that the materials used are of high-quality and they are to get your fantasies come true.

Role-playing in the bedroom enhanced by Sex Kits

With the toys and gadgets packed in the Sex Kits, roleplaying in any sexual relationship is targeted to be enhanced. Take a kit for bdsm, the blind fold, handcuffs, mouth gag, whip and chain completes the picture. Getting the kits is a total package. Your roleplay would become more realistic since most common tools are included in the kits.