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Ignite your passion with Candles

Candles are not viewed as sex toys but they can enhance the ambiance in your bedroom. A lighted scented candle could bring relaxation while your sleep or while you being intimate with your partner. The intimacy brought about by a candle lit room is soothing, calming and warmer. There is a corresponding aroma in scented candles that will match your mood.
Set the mood tonight by lighting a candle. Watch as the fragrance entice both your senses. Achieve arousal in no time.

Light a candle before sex

Aroma or fragrance is a powerful thing. The scent can stimulate your partner even without direct contact. Just by lighting these special sensual candles your moods will be elevated. As tested by random couples in an experiment conducted by sex researches, it has been proven that couples who lit a scented sensual candle before having sex, had expressed that they experienced more powerful orgasm.

Make the most out of your sex candles

One type of sex candles is the massage candle. As the wax melts, it turns into scented massage oil which can be used to sooth and relax your partner. Of course, the melted wax could be a bit hot, it will not be scalding as to burn your skin. Add a little excitement as you take turns in pouring melted wax on your bodies. This, however, is not for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. To make sure that it won’t hurt or cause discomfort on your skin, have a skin test first by taking a drop of the melted wax on your skin. If you feel discomfort and your skin gets irritated, then maybe that kind of wax is not for you. You can try other type of massage candles. Browse through our collection and you will definitely find the right one for you.